Tucupita Expeditions C.A.

Family run operation specialized in nature and adventure travel in The Orinoco Delta Region in Venezuela with offices in Margarita Island.

It is not our camps or lodges that attract today's adventurous, nature oriented and environmentally aware travelers to The Orinoco River Delta. We provide the basics to make your trip possible but it's the untouched beauty of the magnificent Delta that speaks for itself. Home to the Warao Indians and cradled between the mighty forces of the Orinoco River and Atlantic Ocean, the Delta is a constantly evolving rich ecosystem with countless species of flora and fauna.

During our 20 years of operating within the Delta we have created three strategically located camps which together offer our visitors a unique opportunity to experience every aspect of this breathtaking natural wonder.

The Orinoco Delta is accessible yet still virgin with its expansive web of large and smaller rivers enabling us to venture deep into the spectacular galleries of pristine jungles. We use fast strong boats to get as deep as the Delta permits before changing to smaller more maneuverable single engine boats.

Finally we do it just like the Warao Indians have done so for thousands of years we penetrate the labyrinth of narrow canals in dug-out canoes. The unmistakable chorus of Howler Monkeys gathered in the upper canopies and the sharp curious screams of the Blue and Yellow Macaws protesting our invasion into their rarely seen world makes for a truly unforgettable experience.

The idea of building the lodge was born in 1991 with the actual construction starting on September,12,1992. The camp (Orinoco Delta Lodge) grew from a couple of Warao Indian style houses, one for eating and one for sleeping with shared bathrooms to an attractive complex of 35 individual comfortable cabins with an elegant dinning and bar area overlooking the river.

During our 20 years in the area we managed to develop and maintain excellent relations with the Warao Indians by providing employment, medical assistance and educational support. Our mission is to maintain a low impact operation and work in harmony with nature in this beautiful but fragile part of the world, the Orinoco River Delta.

We offer a wide range of excursions and expeditions in various areas: scientific, bird watching, film and documentaries production.