The Orinoco River Delta

Best described by guests.

Great experience [TripAvisor - clouds111 - 25/09/2008]

"About a 2 hour boat ride up the Delta from the small airport. The campamento is perfectly located on the edge of the river. About 30 or so small wooden cabins which take take you straight back to nature. The rooms are 'open', the windows covered by a mesh to keep the mosquitos out and a palm covered roof. At night you lay on the bed with the sounds of the jungle outside and the twinkling lights of the fireflies in the trees.
Cabins have 2 single beds and own toilet and shower. Electricity goes off around 11pm but you are given candles, you should also take a torch just in case.
The paths to the main area are lit with flamed torches at night time. During the day you can spot all sorts of wildlife around the camp, keep your eyes open. The sun will most likely wake you up in the morning if it does stroll down to the reception area and watch it come up over the trees, the steam rising from the river and the locals over in their canoes starting their day.
From this lodge they will take on trips around the Delta including a short trek in the jungle wearing wellies (check yours doesn't have a hole it them, mine did!), pirana fishing and visits to the local Warao Tribe.
Food was good and drinks reasonably priced. The lodge also houses a school, teaching the children from the local tribes. Great experiance, sad it was only one night though!

"The nicest lodge in Orinoco" [TripAvisor - informaldehyde - 08/03/2012]

"Orinoco Delta Lodge is situated in a beautiful area and provides great possibilities for animal and bird-watching. It�s design is strikingly beautiful, just as the garden where individual cabins are. We were able to observe red howler and grey cappucin monkeys right behind the lodge! Swimming in a river with piranhas also added a lot of charm to our stay. Fresh river dolphins are very easy to spot. The owner, Anthony, is a very charismatic person who really cares about both his guests and environment. His project is very socially and ecologically responsible: he sponsored building a school for local indigenous kids and installed some sun batteries in the lodge. A beautiful place to visit for those who want to experience jungle and care about the places they go to."